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Muay Thai Lesson For

Youth who take up Muay Thai training will not only learn the Art of Muay Thai, they will experience increased Self- Esteem, Self-Respect, Team-building skills, and gain Confidence. Students quickly learn to see beyond the technical aspects of proper striking and blocking. Training is instilled and translated into the context of a life skills that should be used frugally. Far from becoming violent, students training in Muay Thai are more likely see improvements in their ability to resolve conflicts verbally without resorting to violence.

Beginner Classes

When beginning to learn Muay Thai it is crucial to have a strong foundation of the Muay Thai Basics. In the early stages of your development, the pace will move very slowly.

The goal is to develop your basic skills, techniques, and rhythm before you can begin to develop a complete understanding of how to properly utilize all 8 of your limbs.


Advanced Classes

The Advanced Muay Thai program is carefully tailored to students who have an abundant amount of training or of fighting experience. This program is much more thought-provoking than the beginner and intermediate programs, and highlights on increasing fight fitness and ring abilities. This is the perfect program for students looking to prepare for a fight.

Special Needs Classes

Valdez Muay Thai has a long-standing success rate with “at-risk youth”, “underprivileged” and special needs youth. We work extra closely with clients in this group range to build a respectful relationship and provide members with a stimulating training experience/environment.

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